Community Outreach Ambassador Rubric

Role Description

Community Outreach Ambassadors play a crucial role in bridging the gap between the online institution and the broader community. They are responsible for initiating and managing virtual outreach programs, partnerships with community organizations, and social responsibility projects that reflect the institution’s commitment to societal contribution and engagement.


  • Develop and implement virtual community service projects and outreach initiatives that align with the institution’s values and the community’s needs.
  • Foster partnerships with local, national, and international community organizations to collaborate on projects or events.
  • Organize online fundraising events or campaigns to support community causes or scholarships.
  • Promote awareness within the online student body about community engagement opportunities and the importance of social responsibility.
  • Serve as the liaison between the institution and community organizations, ensuring effective communication and collaboration.

Expected Behaviors

  • Proactive Engagement: Actively seek opportunities to connect the institution with community initiatives and needs.
  • Effective Communication: Communicate clearly and effectively with both internal and external stakeholders to coordinate outreach efforts.
  • Collaboration: Work collaboratively with community partners, students, and faculty to maximize the impact of outreach programs.
  • Innovation: Bring creative ideas for engaging virtual community service and outreach activities.
  • Leadership: Lead by example in community engagement and social responsibility, motivating others to participate.

Performance Metrics

  1. Outreach Program Development and Implementation
    • Number and diversity of virtual outreach programs successfully developed and implemented.
    • Participation rates from the institution’s community in these programs.
    • Feedback from participants and community partners on the effectiveness and impact of the outreach efforts.
  2. Community Partnerships
    • Number of new partnerships established with community organizations.
    • Quality and outcomes of collaborative projects or events with these partners.
    • Partner feedback on the working relationship and contributions of the ambassadors.
  3. Fundraising and Support Initiatives
    • Funds raised through online campaigns or events for community causes or institutional scholarships.
    • Level of engagement and participation in fundraising efforts from the online community.
    • Transparency and effectiveness in the allocation and utilization of funds raised.
  4. Awareness and Participation
    • Initiatives taken to raise awareness about community engagement and social responsibility among the online student body.
    • Increase in student participation in community service activities as a result of ambassador-led initiatives.
    • Student feedback on the awareness and opportunities provided for community engagement.
  5. Impact and Continuous Improvement
    • Measurable impact of community service projects on the target community or cause.
    • Implementation of feedback and lessons learned into future outreach planning and execution.
    • Overall enhancement of the institution’s reputation and relationship with the community.

Evaluation Frequency

  • Formal evaluations should be conducted annually to thoroughly assess the contributions and impact of Community Outreach Ambassadors on community engagement and institutional outreach goals.
  • Regular, informal feedback sessions should be encouraged to provide ongoing support and guidance to ambassadors, ensuring dynamic and responsive outreach strategies.

Personal Information

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