Global Ministry Leadership International Scholarship


To support international ministries by providing financial assistance for leaders and members to access theological education and ministry training at the School of Ministry, fostering global kingdom leadership development.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicant Type:
    • Christ-centered ministries based outside of the scholarship-offering country.
    • Christ-centered ministries that can demonstrate a commitment to ministry and community service.
  2. Group Size:
    • A minimum of five participants from the same ministry or affiliated ministry group.
  3. Financial Need:
    • The ministry must provide a statement of financial need, demonstrating why the scholarship is essential for their participation or participants.
  4. Ministry Commitment:
    • The ministry must submit a description of their ministry activities, goals, and how the training will enhance their work.
    • Preference may be given to ministries involved in community outreach, evangelism, and other activities that align with the School of Ministry’s objectives.
  5. Pastoral Recommendation:
    • A recommendation letter from a senior ministry leader or denominational head, endorsing the ministry’s application and outlining the expected impact of the training.

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Tuition Reduction: A reduction of 30-50% on the total tuition fees, depending on the number of cohorts and overall financial need.
  • Materials Support: Provision of essential study materials for the courses at no additional cost.
  • Online Access: Complimentary access to online learning resources and virtual classrooms for participants.


  • The scholarship will cover one academic year, with potential extensions available for students who receive academic approval under emergency circumstances that have delayed their program completion.

Application Requirements:

  • Completed scholarship application form.
  • Financial need statement.
  • Ministry description document.
  • Pastoral recommendation letter.
  • List of participants with brief bios and their roles within the church or ministry.

Selection Process:

  • Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, comprising faculty members, administrative staff, and at least one external religious leader.
  • Selection will be based on the demonstration of financial need, potential impact on the church’s ministry, and alignment with the School’s mission.

Scholarship Delivery

1. Self-Paced Online Scholarship

  • Description: This delivery is designed for students who prefer a flexible learning schedule without live instructional support. Participants will have access to all course materials and can progress through the program at their own pace.
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Support: Access to online resources and technical support.
  • Scholarship Benefit: Partial tuition waiver depending on financial need assessment.

2. Flex Classroom Scholarship

  • Description: This delivery method is ideal for students who can commit to a semi-structured schedule, this option offers a blend of self-paced study with bi-monthly live classes to discuss coursework and engage with peers.
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Support: Two live classes each month, alongside continuous online support and access to learning materials.
  • Scholarship Benefit: Includes a tuition discount and may cover certain digital materials.

3. Live Classroom Scholarship

  • Description: This delivery option supports students who are available for intensive study and prefer a highly structured learning environment. Classes are conducted live, requiring full participation.
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Support: Classes are held twice per week, each session lasting four hours.
  • Scholarship Benefit: Significant tuition reduction and potentially additional support for learning materials.

General Terms for All Scholarships:

  • Eligibility Window: Scholarship applications are open from now until July 31.
  • Enrollment Deadline: Students must apply by July 31 and be enrolled by August 15. Enrollment begins May 13.
  • Application Fee: $50 (non-refundable and non-negotiable).
  • Certificate of Completion: Students who successfully complete the courses will graduate with a certificate in Theology, Evangelistic Studies, or Pastoral Studies.