Scholarship Agreement Terms

1. Academic Performance and Completion

  • Grade Requirements: Students must maintain a minimum grade of C or better in each course to uphold the scholarship eligibility. Failure to meet this standard may result in the revocation of scholarship funding.
  • Completion Within Allotted Time: The scholarship is valid only for the duration of the program as specified at the time of awarding (one year for self-paced, six months for flex classroom, and three months for live classroom programs). Students must complete their program within this timeframe to retain their scholarship benefits.
  • Consequences of Non-Completion: If a student does not complete the program within the allotted time due to reasons other than documented emergencies, they will be responsible for the full cost of the program.

2. Retaking Failed Classes

  • Financial Responsibility: Students are required to pay out of pocket for any classes they need to retake due to failing grades. This payment must be made before re-enrollment in the course.
  • Impact on Scholarship: Retaking classes may affect the completion timeline of the program. Extensions due to failing grades will not be covered by the scholarship unless extenuating circumstances are recognized and approved by the scholarship committee.

3. Payment Arrangements

  • Adherence to Payment Plans: If a payment arrangement is made for any portion of the tuition not covered by the scholarship, students must adhere to the agreed-upon payment schedule.
  • Consequences of Default: Failure to meet payment obligations may result in administrative holds on student records, withholding of certificates, and potential loss of scholarship funding.

4. Documentation and Communication

  • Notification Requirements: Students must promptly notify the scholarship committee of any academic or personal challenges that may affect their performance or ability to meet the terms of this scholarship.
  • Verification: Students may be required to provide documentation to verify circumstances that impact their scholarship eligibility, such as medical emergencies or other significant life events.

5. Scholarship Forfeiture

  • Breach of Agreement: Violation of any terms in this agreement may result in the immediate forfeiture of the scholarship.
  • Recovery of Funds: In cases of scholarship forfeiture due to breach of these terms, the institution reserves the right to seek recovery of any disbursed funds applicable to the period of non-compliance.

6. Appeals and Modifications

  • Appeal Process: Students have the right to appeal any decision related to their scholarship status. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the scholarship committee within 30 days of the decision.
  • Modifications: Terms of this agreement may be revised by the institution, which will communicate any changes to all affected students in a timely manner.