Admissions Division

The Admissions Division is here to answer all your questions that pertain to the admissions process. 

Emet Global Education Groups’ Admissions Division oversees all operations pertaining to Emet Global University: An institution approved by the Florida Department of Education to grant diplomas and degrees to individuals pursuing a faith-based vocation or education, fine arts, social work, or religious education up to a Ph.D. level. Emet Global professional Institute: providing career and professional development to individuals and organizations. Emet Global School of Ministry: A non-degree-granting institution offering faith-based courses and spiritual development to churches and individuals. 5 Fold National Certification Board, offers certification in faith-based areas to eligible graduates and faith-based professionals. We have a highly trained staff of Professional Education Consultants (PEC) that are equipped with the skills necessary to:

The mission of Emet Global Education Group’s Admissions Division is “to provide a stress-free enrollment process with the exchange of vital information that allows for transparency between potential students, clients, and the institution with a common goal to stimulate vocational change”. 


Our Desire: Help students build their vision that they see for their education 

Our Efforts: Take pride in working with students so they can obtain the best education possible that fits their skillset and determination. 

Our Intent: Focus and reassure our students have the proper motivation they need to be a successful student to the best of their ability 

Our Motives: Motivate students during the semester to ensure they meet their career goals. 

Our Responsibility: Teach Emet by teaching truth. 

We offer many programs at various levels. EGEG offers Diploma, Associate, Bachelor, Masters, PH. D, and Doctorate degrees. Emet Global Education Group also offers certifications and licensing in vocational as well as biblical training programs. Individuals who feel they have a calling in their life can achieve a 5-Fold certification from EGEG’s 5-Fold certification Board. The best part about our programs is that they are very affordable, and they are designed to leave students without debt after graduating from our programs.  

Do you have a burning desire to finish what you have started? Have you been putting off your education and career goals?

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We hope to hear from you and would love to get to know about your education and career goals.

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Your education is just as important to us as it is to you. Let us join you on your journey, as you make one of the most important decisions in your life. Making a big decision such as this can be full of stress and anxiety. Let us worry about the hard part, so you have more room to plan for your success. Have a Discovery Conversation with one of our PECs today.