Course Completion and Assignment Submission Policy

Course Completion and Assignment Submission Policy:

It’s important for all students and faculty at Emet Global University to note that while our modules within each Genesis period run from Monday at 12:00 AM (midnight) to Sunday at 11:59 PM, the overall course concludes on a Friday at 11:15 PM in the final week of the course. This distinction is crucial for the successful transition between courses and the preparation for the upcoming Fold and Genesis periods.

Assignment Deadlines: All coursework, including projects, research papers, and any other assignments, must be submitted by the designated conclusion time of 11:15 PM on the Friday of the last week of the course. This deadline is strictly enforced to ensure that all evaluations can be completed and feedback can be provided in a timely manner, allowing both students and faculty to adequately prepare for the commencement of the next academic phase.

No Late Submissions: Please be aware that assignments submitted after the 11:15 PM deadline on Friday will not be accepted under any circumstances. This policy is in place to maintain the integrity of our academic schedule and ensure that all students are evaluated fairly and equitably, based on the same timeframe and criteria.

Preparation for New Fold and Genesis: The period between the course conclusion on Friday and the start of the new Fold on the following Monday is essential for administrative preparation, grading, and feedback processes. It allows the University to ensure that all necessary arrangements are in place for the smooth transition to the next phase of the academic calendar, including the assignment of new Genesis periods and the preparation of course materials and resources.

We encourage all students to plan their study schedules accordingly and make note of the Friday deadline for all assignments. Adhering to this deadline is not only a matter of policy compliance but also a practice in effective time management and personal responsibility, which are key values we uphold at Emet Global University.

This statement aims to provide clear guidance on the course conclusion and assignment submission policies, ensuring that all members of the Emet Global University community are aligned with the academic calendar and procedural expectations.