Dr. Terry Farris-Director Board of Regent

Dr. Terry Farris is an Entrepreneur, Educator, Administrator, and Coach with over 20 years of experience working in all areas of Higher Education and operations.

Prior to joining Emet University, he spent many years assisting team members and graduates with becoming skilled individuals from a career perspective. “It is important to work on more than the skills. Time and focus must be dedicated to our mindset.

I believe it is important to find ourselves first before we can assist others with finding their best selves.
Finding my mindset has been beneficial to me because I can focus on today, not yesterday. I can let go of the mistakes and now, I can help others find the tools that will help him/her find the path to a growth mindset.

We can all overcome the voices and doubts that we thrust upon ourselves, while also learning every day. They say knowledge is power. But, if you don’t believe in yourself and the true abilities you have, you will continue to struggle. I enjoy what I do, and I want to continue to become a better person and help you become to find yourself” (Dr. Terry Farris)