E 5-Fold LMS Course Approval

Important update to our course approval process, specifically regarding the submission of approved courses. To further streamline our operations and ensure consistency in how our educational offerings are managed, we have implemented a new procedure for submitting your approved courses into our Learning Management System (LMS).

Steps to Submit Approved Courses:

1. Course Approval:

  • Continue to submit your initial course proposals to Director Essiet Usunginwang and the Academic Department following the existing process. Ensure your course aligns with the guidelines outlined in the Course Creation Policy (CCP).

2. Receiving Approval:

  • Once your course receives approval, you will be notified via email with an attached approved CCP which should accompany any further documentation of the course.

3. Uploading to the LMS:

  • To upload the approved course into the LMS, please log into your account and navigate to the “My Courses” section.
  • Locate the specific course or use the search functionality if managing multiple courses.
  • Click on the three-dot menu (⋮) next to the course listing.
  • Select “Submit Approved Course” from the dropdown menu.
  • Attach the approved CCP and any other required documentation as specified in the approval email.

4. Final Confirmation:

  • After submission, the course will undergo a final review to ensure all documentation is in order and complies with our academic standards.
  • You will receive a confirmation once the course is live and available to students.

Why This Process Is Important:

This new submission process ensures that all courses are centrally documented and consistently formatted within our LMS, facilitating better management and accessibility for both instructors and students. It also allows us to maintain a high standard of educational content, aligned with Emet Global’s strategic academic goals.

Need Assistance?

If you encounter any difficulties during the submission process or have any questions about the course approval steps, please do not hesitate to contact Director Essiet Usunginwang, the Academic Department, or the IT Support team for assistance. They are available to provide the support you need to navigate this updated process smoothly.

Thank you for your cooperation and for your continued commitment to providing high-quality educational experiences to our students. We appreciate your efforts in adapting to these new procedures and look forward to seeing your courses succeed within our LMS.

Warm regards,

Chancellor Nicole Gentles