Emet Pro Package Pricing

Tier 1

  • Target Audience: New entrepreneurs and small startups.
  • Features:
    • Initial business consultation to define vision and goals.
    • Basic business plan development.
    • Introduction to digital marketing fundamentals.
    • Basic website design (up to 5 pages) and social media profile setup.
    • Logo design and basic branding materials (business cards, letterhead).
  • Target: Individuals with a business idea looking to explore its viability.
  • Includes:
    • Basic business concept consultation
    • Initial market research to validate the idea
    • Introductory branding session (logo and business name brainstorming)
    • 1-hour business coaching session
    • Business formation, EIN consulting

Tier 2

  • Target Audience: Growing small businesses looking to expand their market presence.
  • Features:
    • Comprehensive business strategy consultation.
    • Advanced business plan refinement, including market analysis and financial planning.
    • Enhanced digital marketing strategy, including SEO and email marketing setup.
    • Website design with eCommerce functionality.
    • Expanded branding package including promotional materials (brochures, flyers).
  • Target: Entrepreneurs ready to lay down the groundwork for their business.
  • Includes:
    • Detailed business plan development
    • Comprehensive market and competitor analysis
    • Basic website design (up to 5 pages)
    • Starter branding package (logo, business card design)
    • 2-hour business strategy coaching session

Tier 3

  • Target Audience: Established businesses seeking to refine and elevate their brand.
  • Features:
    • In-depth brand strategy consultation.
    • Custom website redesign with advanced features and integrations.
    • Comprehensive digital marketing campaign, including PPC, advanced SEO, and social media advertising.
    • High-end logo redesign and complete branding kit (stationery, packaging, merchandising).
    • Public relations and influencer marketing strategy.
  • Target: Businesses ready to launch and establish their presence in the market.
  • Includes:
    • Advanced business strategy and financial planning
    • SEO-optimized website design with blog integration
    • Full branding package (logo, business cards, letterhead, and social media profiles)
    • Digital marketing setup (basic SEO and social media strategy)
    • 4-hour business coaching including market entry strategies

Tier 4

  • Target Audience: Large businesses or rapidly scaling enterprises aiming for market leadership.
  • Features:
    • Executive business consulting with industry experts.
    • Full-scale market analysis and competitive strategy development.
    • Custom-built, feature-rich website and mobile app development.
    • Full-suite digital marketing and advertising campaigns, including video marketing and advanced analytics.
    • Comprehensive branding and rebranding, including corporate identity, brand guidelines, and extensive marketing collateral.
  • Target: Established businesses aiming for growth and expansion.
  • Includes:
    • In-depth business scaling strategies
    • Enhanced website with e-commerce functionality and advanced SEO
    • Expanded digital marketing campaign (PPC, email marketing, social media advertising)
    • Comprehensive branding and rebranding (including promotional materials)
    • Series of business coaching sessions focusing on scaling, leadership, and operational efficiency (6 hours total)

Tier 5

  • Target Audience: Large corporations and businesses looking to make a global impact.
  • Features:
    • Global business strategy consulting, including international market entry and expansion.
    • Global digital marketing strategy, including international social media campaigns and cross-border eCommerce strategies.
  • Complete corporate branding package with global brand positioning, including experiential and immersive digital brand experiences.
  • CEO Exclusive access to top-tier industry expertise for mentorship, workshops, and keynote speaking engagements.
  • Target: Businesses seeking to solidify their industry leadership and explore new markets.
  • Includes:
    • Global market expansion consulting
    • A custom-built, feature-rich website with support and premium SEO
    • Full-suite advanced digital marketing and brand storytelling campaign
    • Luxury branding package (corporate identity, brand guidelines, experiential marketing materials)
    • Exclusive CEO business mentorship program customized to your industry, including personalized workshops and speaking events (10 hours total)


As you stand on the brink of transformation, poised to elevate your journey, we invite you to take the definitive step toward realizing your vision with EMET PRO consultant and business strategist. Our personalized consultation, valued at $250, is not just a service—it’s an investment in your future, crafted to unlock unparalleled growth, clarity, and success in your professional or spiritual endeavors. Join us in crafting a path that transcends the ordinary, where your aspirations meet our expertise. Request your consultation today, and together, let’s turn your potential into a tangible legacy.