Get E-Learning Support

We have gone the extra mile to prepare our students for success. Our team of Subject Matter Experts and Student Achievement Coaches, are available Monday through Fridays to assist and support our students in areas where they feel stuck or uncertain. E-learning can be overwhelming, confusing and difficult at times, not to mention you are taking on something that is intended to produces great outcomes. It is important to then remember, some of the greatest creation derive from difficult and stressful situations. Its not the suffering that brings “shine” to the diamond but its the endurance of pressure.

Here at Emet Global, we believe strongly that having a support team along with resources, any student is better equip to achieve great success and move on to live a purposeful, abundant life.

Here are the benefits of having access to Subject Matter Experts:

-Lesson Comprehension

-Study Ideas and Suggestions

-Coaching and Feedback

-E-Learning Partnership and Group Effort

-Real World Experience and Expertise

-Project understanding for accuracy

-Encouragement and accountability for efficiency

-Material, course knowledge and understanding

-Student organization and structure for more successful outcomes

-Resources and preparation tools insights

-Assist in the awareness and development of better study habits

Accountability Partner

While our Student Achievement Coaches and Subject Matter Experts are available to support our students, they are only a passenger on your E-learning journey. Their responsibility is to help you bring out the best in yourself, coaching you to move forward and not enabling you. The idea is to be your accountability partner, holding you accountable to learning the material provided to you in the course while gaining the necessary skills. Let us know how we can help.

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