New Student Integration Ambassadors

Emet Global New Student Integration Ambassadors:

  • Description: Guide incoming students through course navigation, provide support during their initial days, and foster a welcoming atmosphere.

New Student Integration Ambassador Rubric

Role Description

New Student Integration Ambassadors serve as the first point of contact for incoming students in the online and distance learning environment. They play a crucial role in helping new students navigate the course platform, understand the academic and administrative processes, and integrate into the virtual community. Their goal is to create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere that fosters a sense of belonging and encourages student engagement.


  • Provide clear and concise information about navigating the online learning environment.
  • Organize and lead virtual orientation sessions and introductory webinars.
  • Offer one-on-one support sessions for students needing additional help.
  • Facilitate introductions and interactions among new students to build a sense of community.
  • Share resources and tips for successful online learning.
  • Act as a liaison between new students and faculty or administrative staff.

Expected Behaviors

  • Proactive communication: Reach out to new students regularly through emails, forums, and virtual meetings.
  • Empathy and patience: Understand the challenges faced by new students and offer supportive guidance.
  • Enthusiasm and positivity: Maintain a positive attitude that fosters a welcoming environment.
  • Cultural sensitivity: Acknowledge and respect the diverse backgrounds and experiences of new students.
  • Confidentiality and professionalism: Handle student queries and concerns with discretion and professionalism.

Performance Metrics

  1. Orientation and Webinar Engagement
    • The number of orientation sessions and webinars conducted.
    • Attendance rates in these sessions.
    • Student feedback on the helpfulness and clarity of the information provided.
  2. Support Session Efficacy
    • The number of one-on-one support sessions held.
    • Resolution rate of student issues or queries.
    • Student satisfaction with the support received.
  3. Community Building and Interaction
    • The number of virtual meet-ups or discussion groups facilitated.
    • Participation levels in community-building activities.
    • New student feedback on their sense of belonging and community.
  4. Resource Sharing and Guidance
    • Quantity and quality of resources (guides, tips, tutorials) shared with new students.
    • Usage rates of shared resources.
    • Feedback on the usefulness of the resources.
  5. Feedback and Continuous Improvement
    • Regular collection of feedback from new students regarding their integration experience.
    • Implementation of feedback to improve orientation and integration processes.
    • Adaptability to new tools, platforms, and student needs.

Evaluation Frequency

  • Formal evaluations should be conducted at the end of each term or semester to assess the ambassadors’ performance against these metrics.
  • Informal check-ins should occur regularly throughout the term to provide ongoing support and guidance to the ambassadors.

Personal Information

Professional Background

Ministry, Ambassador or Outreach Experience

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Interest and Motivation

Availability and Commitment

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