Nadine Gentles- Board Administrator

Nadine Gentles is a diverse business professional that represents the quality, integrity, and truth of the Emet Global Brand. She is a great asset to the organization and is one of the driving forces behind the day-to-day business operation. Ms. Gentles is a goal-driven, accomplished Administrative & Operations Manager offering over 15+ years of experience in supervision, management, and operational business leadership. Ms. Gentles’s diversity extends well beyond project management and business administration. She is very aggressive when it comes to achieving top-tier results and managing resources competently and proficiently. Her ability to organize operational tasks and projects has led to ongoing growth and profitability within the organization. With such work ethics, commitment, and passion toward the EGEG brand, partners, and students, there can only be greater things ahead.

  • International Board Administrator and Secretary
  • Departments: Corporate Administrative Office.
  • Other Responsibilities: Administrator, Director, International
  • 888-430-3035
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