Chancellor Nicole Sewell-President

With her extensive background in Education, business development, ministry leadership, coaching, pastoral counseling, and self-development, Chancellor Sewell is able to direct and help others on their journey of wholeness and living their God-given purpose. Fortitude: Chancellor Sewell’s strong suit lies in her visionary abilities, her unparalleled work ethic, and her commitment to bringing together the mission and vision of Emet Global Education Group. Her divine purpose of being a true Oracle of God, a “prophet” predestined by the Holy Spirit to edify the body of Christ; shines through in the way she treats others and her transparency to lead others with love and truth. Chancellor Nicole Sewell’s most evident trait is her passion for seeing others reach their fullest potential. Graduate of Emet Global University and Liberty University

  • President of the Board
  • President of the Board of Regent
  • Executive Chancellor
  • President of Emet Global and all its USA institutions
  • Emet Global Education Jamaica along with all its affiliated institutions.