Program Type

Certificate Program

Earn a certificate of Completion in different areas of ministry, professional and career development training and life coaching. You can also earn credits for Continuing Education Units. Students are able to receive training in baptism, funeral officiation, Baby dedication, ceremonial officiation

Diploma Program

Graduate from a reputable school by earning your diploma in one of our well sought after programs. Our graduates are proud because they didn’t just earn a diploma from a training facility but from a university or a college. Diploma credits earned at our university or college level, can be applied towards one of our degree programs. at any of our schools; minimizing the time it would take to finish your degree program.

Degree Program

Most people have not live their dream of earning a degree because they can barely afford the out of pocket payments after loans have been applied. Some people just don’t feeling putting themselves in Hugh debt is worth living out their career and educational goals. We believe career and educational goals should not be up for compromise which is why our program cost remains so affordable for our students. Earning your degree at Emet Global Education has never been made any easier.